• 13/03/2012
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WEC: Limited Impact of Fukushima Disaster on Worldwide Energy Plans

Nuclear programmes continue worldwide, but international governance on nuclear safety still requires action, states World Energy Council.

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ENGINEERINGNET.EU -- One year after the nuclear accident at Fukushima, the World Energy Council (WEC) has published a study analysing the impact of the accident on national nuclear energy plans worldwide.

The report, 'World Energy Perspective: Nuclear Energy One Year After Fukushima', finds that very little has changed in respect of the future utilisation of nuclear in the energy mix, according to the data analysed by the study group.

“Very little has also changed in respect of improving global governance of the nuclear sector, highlighting the need for action, and there is critical need to inform the public about issues relating to nuclear generation technologies, safety, costs, benefits and risks,” states SEC.

Chairman Pierre Gadonneix: "It is clear from the report that nuclear energy will play a full part in the future energy mix, especially in developing countries, provided nuclear safety and transparency are continuously being reinforced.”

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The report was compiled by energy experts, practitioners and regulators from 13 countries under the chairmanship of Alessandro Clerici, and incorporated feedback from WEC's network in over 90 countries.