• 13/03/2012
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Endress+Hauser Reveils US Expansion Plans

German instrument manufacturer Endress+Hauser announces plans to further expand its US activities with additional manufacturing and support capabilities.

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ENGINEERINGNET.EU -- The recently reveiled $40 million development project of Endress+Hauser includes a 100,000 sq ft Coriolis mass flowmeter plant that will be connected to the existing magnetic flowmeter building, and a new 100,000 sq ft level and pressure manufacturing plant. Production at both of the new manufacturing facilities is planned to start in 2013.

The new Coriolis mass flowmeter plant will produce flowmeters for customers throughout the Americas. Coriolis mass flowmeters provide highly accurate measurement of liquids and gases critical in many process applications.

The new level and pressure instrument plant will facilitate improved logistics, as well as increased throughput to accommodate sales growth in radar level transmitters and pressure transmitters.

(picture: Endress+Hauser)