• 18/04/2012
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Saint-Brieuc Offshore Wind Project Awarded to Consortium

Consortium creates project company Ailes Marines to build 100 wind turbines in off the coast of Brittany in France.

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ENGINEERINGNET.EU - The French Government has awarded the Iberdrola-Eole-RES consortium exclusive rights to develop a 500 MW offshore wind project in the area of Saint-Brieuc, off the coast of Brittany.

Iberdrola, Eole-RES, Areva, Technip and Neoen Marine have set up a joint venture company, Ailes Marines (Sea Wings), to manage the project and subsequent operation of the site.

Over the next 18 months, the consortium will analyse both the technical and environmental risk conditions of the site in order to conduct the project feasibility study.

The consortium partners will play a key role in the creation of a truly French offshore wind industry. Of the some 2,000 jobs created in the development, construction and operational phases, mainly in Northwestern France, a significant part will be in Brittany.

In July 2011, France launched the first round of a tender process aimed at installing 3,000MW of offshore wind capacity which involved the construction of around 600 wind turbines by 2018. The Saint-Brieuc offshore project covers a total area of 80 km² and comprises 100 wind turbines of 5MW capacity each.