• 25/10/2016

Last call Energy Storage and Distribution - 50 euro discount - invitation

“A next generation smart grid without energy storage is like a computer without a hard drive: severely limited !” Visit this networkevent on November 8th in Antwerp.

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ENGINEERINGNET.BE - Worldwide the electric power sector is undergoing long-term technical, economic and market transformations. We need to adapt to the changing circumstances by making the grids smart and in order to increase the efficiency of available energy, it is crucial to optimize the various technologies.

This afternoon we will talk about the power grid Ecluse. A partnership that has been created to produce at least 5% of all renewable energy in Flanders. What can we learn from this creative partnership

Energy Storage will be an indispensable resource for the transition towards a reliable and affordable energy system. Innovative technologies are crucial to balance the peaks and valleys of energy demand and power generation. We will discuss different technologies, is there one winning technology

In other words an inspirational program about the latest developments in energy storage and distribution.

We are looking forward to meet you November 8th in Antwerp.

Register ASAP at www.energystorageconference.eu and receive 50 euro discount.

Dont forget to use the promotion code: ENG50 !

More information:
Management Producties
Postbus 82 - NL-3130 AB Vlaardingen
Tel: +31 (0)10 435 04 77
en@managementproducties.com - www.energystorageconference.eu

Bericht van de redactie: dit is een ingezonden mededeling, die mogelijk niet vrij is van commerciële invloeden. De verantwoordelijkheid voor de verstrekte technische en andere gegevens berust volledig bij de vermelde leverancier of fabrikant.