• 09/02/2012

Grand Prix National de l’Ingénierie 2011 for Tractebel Engineering

Tractebel Engineering and Compagnie Nationale du Rhône, united in the Consorcio Post Panamax, received the Grand Prix National de l’Ingénierie 2011.

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( Foto: Tractebel )

ENGINEERINGNET -- This Grand Prix is a joint initiative of the French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development, Transportation and Housing and the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry; the presentation took place during the « Engineering Meetings », an event organized by the French professional association, Syntec-Ingénierie.

The Panama Canal, built between 1904 en 1914 and operated by the Autoridad del Canal de Panamá (ACP) is one of the world’s biggest engineering realizations and – given the more than 14000 ships transiting each year – of paramount importance for the world economy.

Modern post-Panamax vessels, however, cannot access the canal. ACP therefore decided in 2002 to award the Panama Canal Expansion project and the construction of new sets of locks at both the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean to the Consorcio Post Panamax.

In 2008 the engineers of Tractebel Engineering and Compagnie National du Rhône finalized their design for the development of the project and, today, the construction is ongoing.

Daniel Develay, CEO of Tractebel Engineering in France: «This project clearly illustrates the key role engineering companies play when optimizing complex infrastructure projects technically and economically thereby taking into consideration environmental issues, reliability and sustainable maintenance. »
When the new locks will be put in operation at the end of 2014, the capacity of the canal will double and also allow post-Panamax vessels of up to 385m long and 49m wide to transit, thus avoiding a costly detour via Cape Horn.

Sustainable development is a key feature of this project: at the social and economical level for Panama; for the world’s ecology there are the energy savings and the reduction of greenhouse gases.

The four laureate engineers representing the project team are Philippe Cazalis, José De Regge, Jean-Louis Mathurin and Sébastien Roux.