• 13/11/2018

CEBIT 2019: d!talk bespreekt de toekomst van digitale transformatie - uitnodiging

Topconferenties concentreren zich op de sleuteltechnologieën en gebruikersindustrieën. Een initiële groep sprekers heeft al bevestigd. De universiteit Hannover ontwikkelt het d!talk-design.

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ENGINEERINGNET.BE - What new horizons does AI have to offer And how powerful is the blockchain How can I defend myself against cyberattacks From 24 to 28 June 2019, the CEBIT dtalk conferences will be dedicated to exploring the future of digital transformation.

CEBIT Summits shines spotlight on technologies and user industries
The topic-oriented CEBIT Summits represent a key element of the dtalk program, focusing on key technologies for the digital economy, including their impact and application opportunities for selected industries. Speaker topics will include artificial intelligence, the blockchain, cyber security, the Internet of Things and data analytics, but also the future job world, digital marketing, customer relationship management and sustainability.

While spotlighting the technologies shaping digitization, the Summits will also address the topic of user industries, including the public sector, as well as the healthcare market, retailing and distribution, mobility and financial services.

Initial group of speakers confirmed
Around eight months before the event, the first round of speakers has already been confirmed. Mikko Hypponen, a globally recognized computer security expert and Chief Research Officer at F-Secure, will appear at the event. At the Cyber Security Summit on CEBIT Tuesday, 25 June, he will speak on the critical importance of security solutions in a digitized world. “Technology shapes the world, which is why we need safe technologies now more than ever, he emphasizes.

Further speakers include Ralf Schrömgens, CEO and co-founder of the hotel search engine trivago, and Christoph Gerber, founder of the delivery service Lieferando and head of Talon One, a company which facilitates the planning of promotional activities.

Dr. Anna Lukasson-Herzig will present her company nyris, which has developed a technology for image and object recognition using artificial intelligence.

Free online tutoring is what The Simple Club is all about. This learning platform for school and university students provides information on a variety of scientific disciplines. Company founders Alexander Giesecke and Nicolai Schork will talk on the success of this platform.

Other dtalk speakers who have already confirmed their participation include the President of the Fraunhofer Society, Dr. Reimund Neugebauer, former tech blogger and current Head of Digital Transformation at Daimler Sascha Pallenberg, and Tijen Onaran, director and founder of the Global Digital Womens network.

Students from HsH university to develop design of dtalk areas
CEBIT has enlisted the support of students from the Hannover University of Applied Sciences and Arts HsH in designing the dtalk areas. Students majoring in Integrated Media & Communication will be creating the visual setting for the CEBIT areas under the motto of “Technology and the City. The dtalk scenario comprises the speakers stages, the auditorium and workshop rooms.

Call for Participation
Those interested in taking part in the various CEBIT dtalk formats and themes can apply at:

The target group of speakers consists of entrepreneurs, visionaries, strategists, lateral thinkers and scientists interested in presenting new solutions for the digital world and/or presenting the latest trends from their point of view as well as discussing the impact of these on the economy, politics and society.

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