• 02/03/2012
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World’s oldest nuclear power station shuts down

After 44 years of operation, the Magnox’s Oldbury power station - the world’s oldest operating nuclear power station - ceased generation on 29 February 2012.

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ENGINEERINGNET.EU – The Oldbury power station, located in in Gloucestershire in the southwest of England, has generated over 137.5 TWh of electricity, enough to power one million homes for over 20 years (one TWh is a billion units of electricity)!

In November 2011, the proactive decision to shut down Reactor One was taken after careful consideration by operators Magnox, EnergySolutions - the owners of Magnox Ltd, and the site owners the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA).

The decision was made on the grounds that further operation of one of the world’s oldest nuclear reactors is no longer economically viable.

Phil Sprague, Oldbury Site Director: “We have generated safe, carbon free electricity for 44 years which is a remarkable achievement when you consider that the original plant design life was just 25 years.”

Originally, Oldbury was due to shutdown in 2008. Since the scheduled closure date, the plant has generated an additional 7.4TWhrs of Electricity.

(picture: Magnox)