• 04/07/2012

Innovative NFC Access Control Solution (+Video)

Innovative access control solution using Near Field Communication and cloud-based technology is tested by staff, students and researchers in EIT ICT Labs Co-location Centre in Stockholm.

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( Foto: Carlo Pompili - CEO Telcred )

ENGINEERINGNET.EU -- As of June 2012, the startup company Telcred provides a service where those who want to enter the Co-location Centre of EIT (European Institute of Innovation and Technology) are able to receive a digital ticket straight to their phone, granting access to the facilities for a predefined time and area.

Gunnar Landgren, Node Director EIT ICT Labs Stockholm: “It is a great opportunity to expose students, researchers and visitors to one of the most exciting new mobile technologies, NFC, at our Co-location Centre. At the same time it facilitates our daily activities with many visiting researchers and students from other countries staying for shorter or longer periods of time and requiring various types of access”.

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a technology that enables intuitive use of proximity services such as payments and access to facilities using a contactless smart card or mobile phones. NFC only allows communication between two units to take place when they are within a few centimeters distance or when tapped against each other. It does not require any previous pairing of devices.

The access control system works with both contactless smart cards and NFC phones and uses the Ericsson cloud based Trusted Service Manager (TSM). The TSM facilitates remote distribution and management of applications which reside on a so called secure element in the phone. In Telcred’s solution, the TSM is used for both application management and to send updated “tickets”, which contain the users’ access rights, to the application.