• 28/08/2012
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Grontmij Consortium to Design Metro Depots in Brussels

The Belgian public transportation company MIVB has assigned Grontmij the design of two metro depots in Brussels.

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( Foto: Grontmij )

ENGINEERINGNET.EU -- By 2019 the Brussels public transportation company MIVB aims to fullyautomate two of its metro lines. In this regard the company launched an extensive engineering project, the Pulsar Programme.

This design of the two metro depots by the consortium of the engineering company Grontmij, Altiplan and Transamo, is part of this project.

The intention is to run the first tests for automatic metro trains by the end of 2016. During the subsequent transition period, both manned and unmanned metro trains will be operated.

Erwin Malcorps, CEO of Grontmij in Belgium: "This assignment reflects confidence in our expertise in designing complex metro projects. The same partners are also responsible for designing a tram storage depot in Brussels. Grontmij is also the leading engineering firm for the Metro North project in Brussels."

The design commission for THV AGT – the name of the consortium – comprises the adaptation of an existing depot, as well as the construction of a completely new subterranean depot and maintenance hall.

After completion the latter will be able to house thirty 94-metre metro trains. The maintenance hall can accommodate six metro trains and will also contain a washing and a lifting platform. Above ground the depot offers office space and a testing track for metro trains.

Financial details were not revealed.