• 09/02/2012
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Air Products Tees Valley Renewable Energy Facility

Air Products is proposing to develop a 49MW power plant on Teesside. It will be located on industrial land, known as the Reclamation Pond site, adjacent to the North Tees Chemical Complex near Billingham.

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ENGINEERINGNET.EU -- The proposed facility would use advanced gasification technology to provide renewable electricity for up to 50,000 homes in the North East.

The project will create between 500 - 700 jobs during its construction and 50 permanent jobs once it enters commercial operation.

The plant will divert non-recyclable waste (i.e. household, commercial and industrial waste left over after recycling) from landfill area for the production of renewable energy. Longer term, this plant would have the potential to generate a renewable source of hydrogen for commercial use, for example to fuel public transport.

The proposed facility has been granted planning approval from Stockton Borough Council and subject to financing of the project and securing an environmental permit from the Environment Agency we plan to start commercial operations in 2014.

(pic: Air Producs)